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Welcome to the addison's walk web site.

Thanks for having the interest in looking into this page.

 If you're here by accident, well, than it was just meant to be.. If this is the case, then below is a brief description of who and what we are.

If you already know who we are, please select the links at the left! 



If you've come to this site through some kind of search, than you probably already realize that we're in some way related to music.

Well, yes indeed, we are. addison's walk is a music trio from Virginia and North Carolina. Style-wise, we are probably best described as modern folk.

Instrumentally, we consist of acoustic guitars, violin, viola, electric bass, mandolin, vocals, and miscellaneous percussion.

Our repertoire is almost exclusively original material, with the content of the songs reflecting our thoughts and experiences in faith and in life in general. I know that sounds pretty generic, but there it is nonetheless.

So, instead of telling you what our songs are about, how about I just show you? If you’re interested in seeing the lyrics of some of the songs, as well as other information about the band, than please select the related link on the left! 

If this is as far as you go, then, thanks for stopping by.

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