Photos from our last twelve years!

Yes, that IS Phil Keaggy
Rob & Josh (sitting in)     Phil Keaggy    Brian      Lee         Brooke

From February 1996  VMI Religious Emphasis Weekend - Frank was missing helping Lucy give birth to their first child.


Mark, Lee & Frank Master Reels
From Fall 1994 - Mark Miley, Lee, and Frank work on mixing one of the songs from the Hinges Album. Look carefully! Three master tapes for the Hinges Album.


From Fall 1994 - Frank lays down tracks for "Lucy's Song." From Spring 1995 - Frank & Lee performing "Maury."


Brian Frank
June 2002 - Brian practices while we mix "Moments of Grace." June 2002 - Frank shows us his new Taylor Liberty Tree Guitar while we wait for some technical difficulties to be fixed.
The Two Marks in the Studio
June 2002 - Mark Miley mixes while Mark Bernstein looks on.


From 1991 - Frank is under a cloud!

More Photos to Come....;; 2006

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