[Band History]

So, you'd like to know more about the band, would you? Well, that's mighty nice of you. I'll warn you, though, this may be much more information than what you want to know. There isn't even anything real juicy here.

[The Members]

I won’t go into detailed biographies, but I will quickly describe the three who make up addison’s walk. After that, I’ll go into a bit of history. And then maybe we'll just go out and get some coffee.

For the sake of doing this chronologically, I’ll start with G. Frank Albert. Frank’s a nice guy. Okay, now, about Brian. WOW! He's so coo...er, oh, Frank. Frank’s musical role in the band is that of being the violentest, or rather, the violinist, violist, occasional guitarist and cellist, and nine times out of ten, our harmony arranger. He’s a great one for understanding the essence of a song, and then working to bring it out in its most effective manner.

By profession, he is a violin/viola instructor, and a music-care instructor. He and his wife, Lucy, reside in Richmond, Virginia, with their two boys and one on the way!

Brian C. Weitz is by far the coolest member of the band. He’s real hot. He does our home page .. and.. he... well...he, alright, enough. Along side of doing most of the lead guitar work and mandolin playing, he’s also the "art director" of the band.

By profession, he’s an exposition designer (now, I could go into another three paragraphs describing what exactly that is, but I’ll just leave it at that). He lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

A. Lee Zehmer has traditionally been the “workhorse” of the band. Although all three write songs, Lee is usually cranking out the most (however, on the next recording, this shall be challenged!). Instrumentally, he switches a lot between the guitar and the electric bass (not during songs, between them), and he occasionally picks up the mandolin (and plays it).

By profession (or “call”, as the case may be argued), Lee is the pastor of Bethlehem Presbyterian Church in Monroe, North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte. He and his wife, Brooke, currently reside there.

[Band History]

The three boys got together back in the Fall of ‘89. At that point, Frank and Brian were students at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Lee was at Union Theological Seminary - both in Richmond, Virginia.

Frank and Brian had met each other through some mutual friends, and had gotten to know one another as members of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Lee and Frank had known each other since their high school years when they worked together as camp counselors in the summer.

Frank, in this case being the pivot man, convinced Lee and Brian that the three should get together and fiddle around with some music. Though somewhat reluctantly, Lee and Brian agreed, and found it to be not too painful.

The following year and a half, they practiced, wrote songs, and played different venues.

During the summer of ‘91, Lee had moved to Lexington, Virginia, and Brian moved to Alexandria. This placed them at considerable distances from one another. However, they decided to keep on playing.

At some point in ‘92, they decided to name the band, addison’s walk. Before that, they had gone through some different lame names - the favorite of those being B210 mania.

In June of ’94 they began to record their first album. A friend of theirs, Harry Gore, had just recorded at Glass Hand Recording in Richmond, and recommended recording there. Working there with Mark Miley and Kirk Henderson turned out to be a great experience. They went into the project not knowing exactly how it would come out. However, they were pleased at how they were able to create new parts to old songs which helped immensely in giving life to the project.

The recording was completed at the end of December ‘94 (whew).

With a huge help from and old friend of Brian’s, Eric Lake, they were able to get the whole package together

Thus, in February of ‘95, their first recording - Hinges- was complete.

This was a huge mark for the band, because it meant they could move on. By recording this tape, they were able to archive their favorite songs from the previous four and a half years of playing together. Finally, they felt that they could give the old tunes a break, and put more energy into writing new material.

The last couple of years have been filled with performing occasionally, and writing new music. Frank and Lucy’s first son was born in February of ‘96. Lee and Brooke moved to Monroe in July of ‘96. Brian got involved with Young Life for a couple of years.

They started recording a second album in August of 1997. THEN......

Lee and Brooke had twin girls and added a third girl in 2001; Frank and Lucy moved to Concord, North Carolina and added a second son in 1999; and Brian changed jobs. 1997-2001 were four crazy years.

 This second project has spanned nearly 10  years. They have recorded in Richmond in August 1997, November 1999, November 2001, and June 2002. They recorded in Monroe, NC in February 2000.

Frank and Lucy added a third boy in 2002; Lee moved to Lexington, North Carolina in 2005; Frank moved to Mooresville, North Carolina in 2006; Brian married Sherri in January 2007.

All in all, it’s been a very laid back process. Due to the distance between the members, and their respected careers, the minimal time for writing and practicing together does present a challenge. However, it is something that each feels called to do, and they love doing it.

So, thanks for reading through this. Hopefully, if you've heard our music, this will lend some insight into the character of the band. If you'd like to send the boys a note, or would like to order a tape, please select "band contact" below.

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